Portfolio with the main crypto currencies weighted with AI algorithms

The Challenge

How to invest in a diversified Cryptocurrencies portfolio?
Investors in Cryptocurrencies usually fall under two main groups:

  • Investors who have a very strong opinion about one or two specific cryptocurrencies which they think will be the best performing in the future (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. …)
  • Investors who do not have a strong opinion about any specific cryptocurrency but are invested in any of them out of curiosity, learning interest, gift, etc.

These forms of investment have the disadvantage of being highly concentrated in one or very few positions, which causes the “sniper” effect.

The Solution

Accuracy Crypto Fund uses a combination of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to:

  • Create a diversified portfolio that give us exposure to the Asset Class
  • Select the main Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap in the medium / long term.
  • Implement a “”Smart”” weight distribution based on factor analysis.
  • Reduce risk and maintain potential for appreciation

The factor analysis enhances the diversification and weighting of the components of the portfolio, as it analyses variables such as Profitability, Volatility, Drawdown, Correlation, Liquidity, Market Cap, etc…


Market Cap Portfolio


Max Indiv Exposure


Min Indiv Exposure


Avg Indiv Exposure

The Result

The result of this analysis is an “intelligent” weight allocation in the investment universe  with a weekly rebalancing that allows to quickly incorporate new currencies or trends.
This metodology gives us a portfolio that presents less risk than investing in individual currencies as well as maintains the potential for future revaluation.

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